Sugar Sweet! Sugar Sour??

Sooo...I went to my local MAC freestanding store today...and what did I discover you ask??

WHELP....I took a look at Sugar Sweet and I was underwhelmed, obviously stars n' rockets and club are permanent...so thats blah....and boring nothing new and exciting at all. The others are dear cupcake - a bright sparkly pink that looks so pretty in the pot..and on your finger..mm...bleh, chalky texture and not enough pigment for my likes, passionate and expensive pink would be sooo much cuter on your eyes and sugar shot - a luster (HATE) texture that could pretty much match retrospeck or any other highlight color, why oh why do they even MAKE lusture finishes...gahhhh. And then there was Aquavert..hmm...didn't have as much pigment as I would have liked..but all the same the color was cheery and springy and somehow i just couldn't pass it up. Its a minty green color that is just adorable..and I cant wait to do a look with it tonight!! hmm...thinking cap on a look....

The MSF's were great as welll...I got refined which is a beauty-ful sparkiling peach color, and i pretty much drooled all over the display when i saw it...the other one (perfect topping) was pretty too...but i have light flush that i got from a CCO a while back and it looks suspiciously the same..hmm...haha ah well for those who missed out on "light flush" there you go!

The nail polisihes Peppermint Patty and Seasonal Peach...they are both really pretty and are quite sheer unless you put about 4 coats on..which according to the MAC artist is "standard practice" in the makeup world..umm.....wha? anyways i didn't get them cause i just bought go on green by O.P.I. and they are similar..and as you all know I am moving..so the need to save money stopped me (sad face)

The lipglasses:
Consume Me
Triple Yum
Simply Delicious
Just Dessert
SCARE ME.....seriously...i dunno they looked gross, especially after the people in the store had moved the wands in them so much that they made them all milky and blecked together..i dunno if that made sense...also i don't like the square packaging as it does not fit into the little holes in my storage system...so they were out too... (again...sad face)

the lipsticks were cute and perhaps i will back to mac them with some stuff..but i didn't see one that i HAD to have..sweet thing would prolly be the closest...as i dont' have a purple toned one in my vast collection...so

i liked these, they were much creamy-er than before, all of them glided on perfectly...BUT they were all SOOOOO shiny...i like shiny don't get me wrong..but they were INTENSE NESS....so i opted out of those as well..though i may reconsider..it was not love at first sight!

i think thats it...i would post swatches but i only got two things from the collection (a record for me) so perhaps i will just post the look i do tonight..how does that sound?

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