N.Y.C. Loose POWDA


So I wanted to review this powder cause....well I love it...SO; what i like about it is that it is not a heavy powder that looks like "powder" it sets the makeup very nicely and does not look all cakey..HERE's THE KICKER

IT IS CHEAP!!! woo..here in Canada I paid $4.99 for mine...SUCH a steal of a deal thus, if you are looking for a great setting powder that does not look like a powdery cakey mess..I would for sure go with this one! I LOVE IT..

The downside...the packaging sucks..the powder gets everywhere, if you have an old package from a different powder KEEP IT...and just transfer this one over..cause is sooo messy

Hope you are having a good day!
LOVES karlee!


Clarins Eye Base

So....I have heard about so many people using TFSI (too faced shadow insurance) and UDPP (urban decay primer potion) as well as PP (paint pots) for bases...BUT i have a new one for you all to take a look at. The above is a pic of Clarins Instant Light Perfecting Eye Base (thanks to http://www.feelunique.com for the image) I love this base because it has a tiny bit of peachy color to it that covers up any discoloration or veins that you may have on your eyes, it also prevents creaseiiinnggg as well as creates a "dome shape" to the eye. Which actually means that it gives your eye more depth and volume...which i really like. Sometimes I find that while the UDPP/PP/TFSI do their jobs...they make it harder for me to blend out my eyeshadow. The grab the color a little too much...I don't know if its just me...but that is why I lOVE LOVE LOVE this...it has a great texture and dries down to a powder almost! woo GO CLARINS!
Packaging: 7/10 - i like the click up method for myself, but it makes it harder for freelance stuff
Effectiveness: 9/10 - i LOVE this product, but i gotta keep my 10/10 open ;)
Would I buy it again? YES YES YES....this product = LOVE!


AHHH i have a blog...whaaatt..no way! woo! anyways...I am super pumped..Thanks for visitng guys!

SO...I have just ordered a few shades of MAC's face and body foundation which I am super pumped about, the finish on these babies is amazing! and it lasts forever...huge bottle...! I also love that you can use it on your legs and it does not rub off...it is the most dewy and amazing foundation EVER! I will post pics and do a official review when i get the chance...