Smashbox Bionic Mascara.....grmrme

HEY! so...as i put in my last post I would tell you all about smashbox bionic mascara..SO here is the scoop

1. it is really soft, the brush and the formulation feel so silky and smooth on the eye and it does not hurt to put on ( i found cover girl lash blast, or the ones with those plastic-y wands hurt..OUCH) so that is good BUT

2. it does NOT stay on, i have never had this problem with mascara before, have you? by the end of the day, it is gone, and it is not flaked all over my face or smudged or anything, just...GONE...which I find frustrating and silly...ugh...gha...blah....but ya...the tips of my lashes seem to have no product on them, which really bugs me cause when i do a look, i take my time and make it look pretty and mascara totally finishes it off...so...

I don't really like it, i did a you tube vid about how i did like it but upon further review and inspection i have decided that i will skip this at the store next time around...

anybody else think the same thing??



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  1. So far these are the ones by Niveau Beauté and you can only find them in Europe. I love the Volume Impact and Volume Nanodefinition because they realli give length AND volume (not like some Maybelline or others I tried).
    But I think I need to give MUFE Smokey Lash a try.
    I love big brushes, I don't like the tiny plastic thingies from L'Oreal.


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