BE Prime Time Eye=Blech!

SO! I just bought this Primer from BE...and I did a review on you tube for it...and i said it was "okay" well I would like to amend my statement..I REALLY don't like this...

First off the texture is not great, it is hard to smooth all over the eye, and feels to thick to be a primer, if that makes sense, it seems to mix with the colors that you put overtop of it and then make a paste..that..here it comes...CREASES...hmm...isn't one of the main points of a primer so that the shadow does not crease...anyways...I really don't like this at all, I am going to stick with my TFSI for sure!

I put this underneath my 88 palette shadows as well as my MAC shadows, UD and a few others and it made all of them crease...which is weird, cause even my eyes WITHOUT primer don't crease as bad as they did with this...hmpf...just my 2 cents..has anyone had a good experience with this?!

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