Glamour For All...Possibly my HG lip gloss

Has anyone checked this stuff out?!?!?! It is from MACs recent launch, "all ages, all races, all sexes" I believe it may be the very best (COLOR) of lip gloss I have EVER had...when we are speaking of neutrals of course..

I have tried EVERY neutral out there...I swear..and none..and I mean NONE of them look good on me, as I am so fair..I need a pinky neutral that is not too pink so it still looks nude, but not too nude that I look dead, orangey neutrals turn super orange...so as you can tell..I have had a generally hard time finding JUST  the right gloss..this one has it...as you can see by the swatches it is a pinky neutral that is super fab!

I am in love, though I don't love the MAC lip glasses that much because the consistency is too oooey gooey and thick for my liking...however I am willing to overlook that fact for this one as it is the very perfect color! 

I have heard very little talk about this one which I find odd...am I the only one who likes it..?

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