FAVE Self Tanners!

I HATE SELF TANNERS!!! As a general rule...they turn orange on me (as i am practically translucent) and the smell really really bad, THUS I have tried every single one of them out there..from Mystic Tan to Daily Moisture ones to full on Self Tanner...and THIS one (pictured above) is my all time FAVE!! I will tell you why!
1. It does have a smell, but it is not as bad as most that I have tried, and it goes away in just a few hours!
2. You only have 1 day of that Orangey tint that sucks..instead of like three
3. You don't have to wait for it to dry for very long
4. The toughest Self Tanning critic I know said it looks good (my sister..seriously, even when I'm like SOOO excited cause I thought one looked good..she's like: "ummmm no...you look orange.." therefore I am convinced that this looks good!
5. It is really hard to screw up
6. I like to put it on 2x a day...once in the morning and once before bed..and it did stain my sheets a little cause i jumped into bed...RIGHT after putting it on...SILLY GIRL..but it washed out..therefore I guess..not a stain..haha...anyways

It sells for about $10.00 in Canada for a regular sized bottle, which would last me about 4 months, considering for the first three days I apply it 2x a day, then after that once a day every three days, depending on how dark you want to be, and how much you exfoliate..and all that stuff...

My other top pics are the AVEENO Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion because it is a really nice color, tho the smell throws me off a little... and NIVEA sunkissed firming moisturizer...i like this one cause it does not smell bad...but the color is less than "sunkissed" if you are very weary of Self Tanning I would go with this...just because it has very little pigment to it!

I would stay away from Jergans...I really find they make me look orange and they smell VERY strongly...but again this is just my opinion...if you love it...let me know!


Whats your fave Self Tanner...and how do YOU get flawless application?!?

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  1. I gotta look for that one, i swear ive never noticed it in the stores before. by the way i've started blogging too...CHECK OUT MY BLOG AT LALAXLOCA.BLOGSPOT.COM


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