Clarins Eye Base

So....I have heard about so many people using TFSI (too faced shadow insurance) and UDPP (urban decay primer potion) as well as PP (paint pots) for bases...BUT i have a new one for you all to take a look at. The above is a pic of Clarins Instant Light Perfecting Eye Base (thanks to http://www.feelunique.com for the image) I love this base because it has a tiny bit of peachy color to it that covers up any discoloration or veins that you may have on your eyes, it also prevents creaseiiinnggg as well as creates a "dome shape" to the eye. Which actually means that it gives your eye more depth and volume...which i really like. Sometimes I find that while the UDPP/PP/TFSI do their jobs...they make it harder for me to blend out my eyeshadow. The grab the color a little too much...I don't know if its just me...but that is why I lOVE LOVE LOVE this...it has a great texture and dries down to a powder almost! woo GO CLARINS!
Packaging: 7/10 - i like the click up method for myself, but it makes it harder for freelance stuff
Effectiveness: 9/10 - i LOVE this product, but i gotta keep my 10/10 open ;)
Would I buy it again? YES YES YES....this product = LOVE!

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  1. Me loves it too :-) Have been using it for more than a year and it's my second tube only because you go a long way with it.
    But I must say that for me it's not as anti-crease as TFSI, like for underneath paintpots (I have oily lids I must say) but it's a very good base!


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